Hedgehog – Erinaceus europaeus

Hedgehogs (Fr. Herissons) are common, especially in gardens, but declining. These nocturnal
animals are rarely seen except as roadkill (which in the summer is a
distressingly frequent occurrence). They can sometimes be encountered in
gardens very early in the morning, and their presence is usually given away
by their grunting and snuffling calls (hence the 'hog' in the name). They
hibernate in the winter, and it is quite common for people to set up a
hedgehog gîte ('sty') in their gardens for them to overwinter in. Gardeners like encourage their presence as their diet consists mainly of snails and slugs.

The Société Français Orchidée has a couple of nice pictures of Hedgehogs in Vienne (no, I don't know why there is a Hedgehog page on the Orchid Society website either...)

A young hedgehog snuffles about on the lawn at the Chateau of Cheverny.
In our driveway.
In our driveway.
In our driveway.

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