Marsh Helleborine - Epipactis palustris

Scientific Name: Epipactis palustris.

English Name: Marsh Helleborine.

French Name: Epipactis des marais.

5 Key Characters:
  • Almost always in wet conditions.
  • Petals pure white, with rather jagged edges.
  • A large and impressive orchid.
  • Always on calcareous soil.
  • Always in full sun.
Lookalikes: Easily distinguished from other Epipactis by its lovely white flowers.

Habitat: Wet grassland, ditches, seeps, marshes, rarely in dry grassland. Always on calcareous soil in full sun.

Flowering Period: June-July.

Status: Protected. Like all wetland species, it is in steady decline. The areas where it occurs are very scattered, but in one or two places it forms big colonies in the Touraine.

Further Reading:
More information and a photo can be found on the Société Française d'Orchidophilie de Poitou-Charentes et Vendée website here.

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