Creeping Lady's Tresses - Goodyera repens

Scientific Name: Goodyera repens.

English Name: Creeping Lady's Tresses.

French Name: Goodyère rampante (= 'creeping goodyera').

5 Key Characters:
  • Grows in moss in the shade.
  • Always grows in association with a pine.
  • Very hard to spot.
  • Leaf rosette visible all year.
  • The white flowers spiral up the stem.
Lookalikes: Spiranthes spp.

Habitat: Shady pine forest, in moss. Usually Scots Pine Pinus sylvestris (le pin sylvestre) or sometimes Austrian Pine P. nigra 'Austriaca' (le pin noir d'Autriche), but never Maritime Pine P. maritimus (le pin maritime) because this species' big needles form too deep a layer of litter.

Flowering Period: June-July.

Status: Uncommon.

Recorded by Loire Valley Nature:

There is more information and a photo on the Société Française d'Orchidophilie de Poitou-Charantes page here.

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