Wasp Beetle Clytra arietis

Scientific Name: Clytra arietis (Cerambycidae).

English Name: Wasp Beetle (Longhorn beetle family).

French Name:

5 Key Characters:
  • a remarkable wasp mimic, both in terms of colouring (black and yellow), and behaviour (moves like a wasp, waving its antennae, and can even make a buzzing wasp like sound).
  • pronotum (thorax) very rounded.
  • 9 - 18 mm long.
  • flies well.

Lookalikes: Plagionotus arcuatus, which has a different pattern of yellow bands, in arcs and spots.

Habitat: Sunny gardens, hedges. Larvae live in fence post and dead hardwoods. Visits flowers.

Adult Active Period: May-June-July.

Status: Common.

Photographed by Loire Valley Nature:

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