Green-underwing Blue Glaucopsyche alexis

Scientific Name: Glaucopsyche alexis (Lycaenidae Polyommatinae).

English Name: Green-underside Blue (Gossamer-winged butterfly family, Blues sub-family).

French Name: L'Azuré des cytises (='broom blue').

5 Key Characters:
  • extensive patch of turquoise blue on the base of the underside of the hind wings.
  • medium sized (wingspan 29 - 41 mm), large for a blue.
  • upper side of the male blue, bordered with black; female brown, sometimes with a blue wash on the base of the wings.
  • large black dots on the underside of the forewings but only a few small black spots on the underside of the rear wings.

Lookalikes: None in this area.

Habitat: Flower rich grassland on poor soil, dry grassland, woodland edges.

Flight Period: March-April-May-June-July.

Caterpillar and Host Plant: Pea family (Wild Liquorice Astragalus glycyphyllos, Prostrate Canary Clover Dorycnium pentaphyllum, Ribbed Melilot Melilotus officinalis, Alfalfa Medicago sativa, Black Medick M. lupulina, Spanish Broom Spartium junceum).

Status: Localised but can be abundant.

Photographed by Loire Valley Nature:

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