Pear Fibrecap Inocybe pyriodora

Scientific Name: Inocybe pyriodora (Inocybaceae). 'Inocybe' means 'fibrous head'.

English Name: Pear Fibrecap.

French Name: Inocbye à odeur de poire (='pear scented fibrecap').

5 Key Characters:
  • reddish brown.
  • bell shaped cap, 3 - 7 cm across, often splitting around the edge.
  • distinctive sharp unpleasant over-ripe pear smell, very aldehydey, like poor quality pear eau de vie. 
  • white stem, 4 - 8 cm high.
  • white flesh aging to pinkish.

Lookalikes: Other Inocybe spp.

Habitat: Woodlands, in the soil.

Fruiting Period: September-October-November.

Status: Uncommon.

Edible or Toxic? Assumed to be toxic (others in the genus are).

Photographed by Loire Valley Nature:

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