Frost and Snow in the Touraine Loire Valley

It snows in the winter here (the winter of 2013-14 was the first winter in 30 years that was snow free). Often it's just a dusting which disappears within hours on 1 - 5 days during the winter, but in hard winters it can be 15 cm deep and remain on the ground for a fortnight. The most likely month for snow is February, but anytime between November and April is possible. Snow is la neige in French.

Heavy snow cover for here photographed at the plan d'eau (village pond) in Preuilly sur Claise. The pond is completely frozen over, with 10 - 15 cm of snow on top.
Some winters there are episodes of hoar frost, where the temperature does not go above 0°C for 10-15 days leading to icy conditions and a build up of frost on plants and the ground. The otherwise extremely mild winter of 2013-14 had a hoar frost episode like this over the first half of December.  Frost is le gel, hoarfrost is le givre in French.

Etangs (man made ponds) sometimes freeze over for a few days in the winter, small rivers rarely do and large rivers never.

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