Monkey x Man Hybrid Orchid - Orchis simia x O. ... O.

This Monkey x Man Hybrid Orchid Orchis simia x O. anthopophora is part of a small naturally occuring colony near Chaumussay. The flowers are hyperchromatic ie one of the results of the hybridisation is an augmentation of pigment, resulting in a flower that is much more highly coloured than either parent. To compare with the parent species, click here for Monkey Orchid and here for Man Orchid. This is an uncommon hybrid. To see a very commonly occuring hybrid (Monkey x Lady) click here.


  1. Susan,
    how about putting comparison pictures on a single page?
    Perhaps dedicated to hybrids...
    and a picture of the flower itself would help, too.
    This is one of that batch just outside Ch'mssay, I presume??

  2. Tim: OK. I'll get to it at some stage in the next few weeks.