European Wall Lizard - Podarcis muralis

Scientific Name: Podarcis muralis. (Podarcis = 'agile feet'; muralis = 'wall'.)

English Name: European Wall Lizard, Common Wall Lizard.

French Name:

5 Key Characters:
  • narrow pointed head and slender body.
  • long tail (usually longer than body).
  • long toes.
  • brown with spots and blotches, rather variable.
  • live in family groups.
Lookalikes: None in this area.

Habitat: Urban areas, gardens, walls, especially old walls.

Active Period: Spring, summer, autumn. They hibernate in winter.

Status: Very common. The most common lizard in the area. Threatened by cats predating them in the bigger towns and cities.

Photographed by Loire Valley Nature:

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