Psathyrellaceae Fungi - Inkcaps

Magpie Inkcap Coprinopsis picacea: (syn Coprinus picaceus).
October, by hedgerow along rural track near Yzeures sur Creuse.
Clustered Brittlestem Psathyrella multipedata: always grows in dense clusters in the grass, on buried wood. 'Multipedata' = 'many feet'. It is more spindly than its lookalike Common Stump Brittlestem P. piluliformis, which has bigger caps, always on wood. Thanks to Paul Leroy of l'Association de Botanique et Mycologie de Sainte Maure de Touraine for the ID.
October, on a rural track near Yzeures sur Creuse.
Fairy Inkcap Coprinellus disseminatus
Always in large groups, from early spring to the beginning of winter, on stumps in woodland or hedgerows. When young, very pale beige, sometimes pure white. As they age they become grey. Common. They disintegrate when touched. The bell shaped caps are 0.5 - 1.5 cm across. The gills are white, turning grey. The hollow, very fragile stems are white. It is smaller and paler than its lookalike C. micaceus. Edible, but not highly regarded.

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