Broad-headed Bugs - Alydidae

The Broad-headed Bugs Alydidae are a small family of true bugs, with only a couple of species occuring in this area (only 10 species in the whole of Europe). They have protruberant eyes and heads as broad as they are long, on slender bodies. The 4th (final) antennal segment is very long and curved (sometimes only faintly). The nymphs often bear a remarkable resemblance to ants.

Camptopus lateralis: found in dry places throughout southern Europe. The nymphs are extremely ant like in appearance and behaviour. Do not confuse them with the very similar and closely related Alydus calcaratus, the adult Mirid bug Myrmecorus gracilis (rare and does not have spikes) or nymphs of the Damsel bug Himacerus mirmicoides, all of which are also superb ant mimics. Adult C. lateralis have enlarged rear femurs. The photo below is of a nymph in our orchard, June.

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