Verbenas - Verbenaceae

Verbenas Verbenaceae can range from herbs to shrubs, trees or even climbers. They have tubular flowers with 4 - 5 lobes ('petals'). They include the genera of Vitex, Verbena, Lantana and Lippia. Most of them are of mediterranean or non-indigenous origin.

Vervain Verbena officinalis: Native to this region and by far the most commonly encountered Verbena in the wild. It is a stiff erect plant 30 - 75 cm tall with tough square stems and pairs of rough divided leaves. The slender flower spikes are leafless, with very small lilac coloured flowers. Common in grasslands, road and track sides, waste ground, screes and scrub on dry, often calcareous soil. Flowers June to October. Used in popular and widely available herbal teas, said to promote relaxation or aid sleep. Below, on the side of a track in the Foret de Preuilly, June.

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