Yellow Iris - Iris pseudacorus

Scientific Name: Iris pseudacorus.

English Name: Yellow Iris or Yellow Flag.

French Name: L'Iris des marais (='marsh iris'), Iris faux acore (='false sweet flag iris') or Iris jaune (='yellow iris')

5 Key Characters:
  • bright yellow flowers with purple veins.
  • flowers not bearded.
  • erect plant 40 - 150 cm high.
  • growing from large rhizomes.
  • sword shaped leaves 15 - 25 mm wide.
Lookalikes: If not flowering might be mistaken for Bulrushes (Reedmace) Typha spp or Bur Reeds Sparganium spp.

Habitat: Fens, marshes, wet woodland, in and around water.

Flowering Period: May-June-July.

Status: Very common everywhere.

ed by Loire Valley Nature:

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