Field Woodrush - Luzula campestris

Scientific Name: Luzula campestris

English Name: Field Woodrush. Sometimes Good Friday Grass or Sweeps Brush.

French Name: La Luzule champetre

5 Key Characters:
  • sparsely hairy.
  • although the species is a rush, it has flat blade leaves like a grass, not round like a rush.
  • brown and yellow flowers surprisingly conspicuous.
  • small knob at the tip of each leaf.
  • rarely more than 15 cm high.
Lookalikes: Great Woodrush L. sylvatica, which is a much larger and rarer plant.

Habitat: Almost everywhere - grasslands, banks, heathland paths, damp patches in woodland.

Flowering Period: March-April-May-June.

Status: Very common.

Photographed by Loire Valley Nature:

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