A Carpenter Ant - Camponotus vagus

Scientific Name: Camponotus vagus.

English Name: A Carpenter Ant.

French Name: Aucun (none).

5 Key Characters:
  • one of the largest European ants (6 - 20 mm long).
  • body completely black.
  • body has lots of silvery white hairs.
  • recorded in 37 but not 86 or 36.
  • can be found on ground in unimproved traditional pasture or waste ground.
Lookalikes: C. aethiops, which has also been recorded in Preuilly-sur-Claise and is generally slightly smaller.

Habitat: Nests in tree stumps or dead tree trunks laying on the ground and can be a problem for the forestry industry by damaging felled trees. Particularly fond of pines and beeches.

Active Period: Swarm May-June.

Status: Present in Indre et Loire (37) but not recorded in Vienne (86) or Indre (36).

Photographed by Loire Valley Nature:
Photographs numbered from left to right and top to bottom. All photos will enlarge in a new window if you click on them. 1 - 5 on a nature strip in Preuilly-sur-Claise, April. 6 - 9 in the haymeadow in front of our orchard, May. 10 on a footpath in Preuilly-sur-Claise, May.

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