Agile Frog - Rana dalmatina

The Agile Frog Rana dalmatina may be encountered from time to time in fields and woodland clearings in the spring and summer. For an excellent species account, see, including key features for identification and a recording of the call. It is nowhere near as common as the Green Frog Pelophylax spp group, but seems to be more common that the Common Frog Rana temporaria, which isn't common at all in this area.

In French they are called la Grenouille agile. Like all amphibians here, it is a protected species.

Agile Frog photographed in a field the Brenne, April.

In the rain, on the former estate of the Chateau des Ormes.

This poor frog had fallen through a light well into the cellar of a chateau and was trapped. It was emaciated but rescued and put outside, February 2016.
Agile Frogspawn on mossy logs on the ground, near a pond in the forest, but not in it. The weather had been extremely wet, so perhaps the frog was confused.
Agile Frog spawn on a log in the forest, near a pond, but not in the water. The weather had been extremely wet, so maybe the frog got confused.

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