Dragonfly Species List

This checklist of dragonflies gives you all the species it would be possible to see in the French départements of Indre (36), Indre et Loire (37) and Vienne (86). Those species marked with ‡ are common in the Brenne, those marked with * have been recorded by us within a 5km radius of Preuilly-sur-Claise, i.e. an easy walk or cycle ride from the town. Preuilly is located more or less at the intersection of the three départements, on the western boundary of the Brenne wetland, and for more information about the area, please go to our blog Days on the Claise.

The links column provides further information in some cases, with photographs. In time there will be more photographs and species accounts. All photographs on Loire Valley Nature have been taken by the blog authors unless otherwise noted and the text written by Susan, using a variety of references and personal observation/experience. The links will be added to periodically as time and material allows.

If you wish to obtain a checklist for personal recording please email Susan.

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