White-toothed Shrew - Crocidura russula

Scientific Name: Crocidura russula.

English Name: White-toothed Shrew.

French Name: Musaraigne musette or crocidure musette.

5 Key Characters:
  • Very small (head and body 5-8 cm, tail 2-4 cm, weight 9-14 g).
  • Long pointy muzzle.
  • Miniscule eyes.
  • Fur grey-brown above, graduating to white on the belly.
  • The shrew species you are most likely to see (on account of its willingness to co-habit with man).
Lookalikes: Small rodents, which have bigger eyes and shorter, thicker muzzles.

Habitat: The perimeters of houses, in gardens, barns, dry stone walls.

Status: Common.

More Info:
Link to post in Days on the Claise.

Photographed by Loire Valley Nature:

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